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Stormy Weather Ahead

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a moment in streetview

user-cropped region of arbitrary Google Streetview image, 2011,

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Downtown Pyongyang

Central Pyongyang

North Korea’s capital city of Pyongyang

It’s like a semi-abstract still life… minus the life part.


Image by David Guttenfelder from The Independent:
Lost world: Scenes from North Korea’s closed society

Story to go with the pictures, by David McNeill…

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So Long, Kodachrome

afghan girl by Steve McCurry for National Geographic magazine

Afghan Girl, 1984; Steve McCurry, National Geographic

After a run of 75 years, the last roll of Kodachrome film will be developed today at Dwayne’s Photo in Kansas — until now, the last remaining Kodachrome developer in the world.

Kodachrome brought us some of the most vibrant and stunning photography of the past three-quarters of a century, such as this award-winning photograph of a young Afghan girl snapped by National Geographic’s Steve McCurry in 1984.

The story of this haunting image can be found at National Geographic’s site.

Kodak discontinued production of the film last summer. Farewell, old friend.

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Quantum Non-Locality?

As a fairly strict 4-dimensionalist (xyz+t), I’d have to say that Bell’s Theorem only seems to support the co-entanglement of wave functions (as across a wavefront), but not of atoms. I don’t believe that it will ever be properly shown to apply to free protons, for example, which are essentially positive ions of hydrogen.

Also, I don’t believe that most observed “violations” of Bell’s inequalities should be seen as emblematic of non-locality, but instead should be recognised as predeterminations imposed by each experiment’s “entanglement” process or parameters (i.e. generating, lensing, mirroring, polarising, detecting, etc.).

That being said, however, I do think that it’s possible to demonstrate apparent non-local behaviour across cohort waveforms, ostensibly as a coherence function of wavefront integrity, but that is a different sort of beast.

As our main platform for particular non-locality, even in its most corpuscular form, I believe that gravity deserves some reinvigorated attention.

Anyway, here’s a brief, bold paper from C. S. Unnikrishnan on proving the absence of nonlocality in quantum physics.

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It appears that Reuters’ photo-editors are running into problems once again.

Following the “photogate” debacle of the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war, Reuters issued new Photoshop rulesfor its photographers in January, 2007.

Here is one of the infamous pics from that episode in which sections of the image were cloned to create the perception of greater destruction:

For comparison, here is the original image:

What may be another example of the phenomenon comes from today’s Iranian Revolution Day parade in Tehran:

Zooming in a little:

It’s difficult (without the unretouched image) to determine whether the photographer or photo-editor was attempting to add people to the crowd or subtract “green movement” protesters and/or their banners. Maybe it was a small, justifiable retouch gone horribly wrong. The matter is currently unclear, but it’s quite clear that the published image has been compromised and its credibility brought into doubt.

Reuters has been contacted regarding the image.

In the vein of other things optical:
Iranian regime busses in support for anniversary celebrations

And, lest anyone think that Reuters’ photographers are the only ones with a copy of Adobe Photoshop, here’s a flashback to an important missile propaganda event for Iran last year.

Published photo:

Original image (failure to launch):


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what someone may have seen this morning

moon jupiter sm

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