We dare to hope that war abates

And men cast off their precious hates.

Compassion whispers at the door,

But who can hear above the roar?

The world can’t stand another round

Of breaking up and breaking down,

So silent go, and do your chore,

Let whispers of compassion soar.


– November, 2008


Filed under Arts, Life, Reason, Words

3 responses to “Compassion

  1. annb106

    You are special; I tell you this right from the start. When you need a break-through know that I send you kind word’s and gesture’s straight from my heart. You are truly a rare and unique work or art. When you need a friend; don’t guard your heart, allow cupid to sent the dart. Together we can move mountain’s if we each do our part.

    • imahd

      Thank you so much, Ann. Your words exude a welcome warmth on this especially cool evening. 🙂

      • annb106

        My Job
        My job is to pick you up; not to knock you down. It break’s my heart to do anything to make you frown. I hope that when i’m needed, that i’ll be somewhere close around. Listen closely and I gurantee you that you’ll hear a nice sound. When you’re stressed and need a helping hand; i’ll do my best to be there to help you unwound. I will do what ever I can to lift your spirit’s, and not make you feel bound.


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