Party Affiliation: Marxist-Darwinist!

The Marxist-Darwinist Party is dedicated to the inalienable right of any individual to achieve a highly developed sense of the low-brow.
“O, Galapagos, My Galapagos!”

Anthem: “O, Galapagos, My Galapagos!”

Required Reading:
The Origin of Speciousness

Official Mascot:
The Dollar-billed Platypus

Party Slogan:
“Survival of the glibbest!”

A few simple rules:

  1. The sporting of facial hair by Party members is strongly encouraged though not mandatory, except for the women.
  2. Please note that joining this Party will automatically void any pre-existing membership in “Club Groucho”.
  3. Party members are to refrain from asking questions and should not expect to receive daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly updates on the progress of the Party’s work ~ which is expected to be negligible.
    (Non-negligibility, niggling legibility or giggling gullibility may affect your eligibility.)

If amenable to the foregoing, and being of arguably sound mind, place your right hand over your left heart and recite after me:

I, [state your name], do solemnly swear – but only if I’m in a foul mood and have been drinking excessively.

             Marxist-Darwinists:  The few. The proud. The inane.

© 2009

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