Bye, Bye Nasrallah

Der Spiegel: UN Probe Finds Strong Evidence of Hezbollah Link to Assassination of Former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri – Nasrallah Confidant Hajj Salim Implicated


Bumbling henchman used “hot” (operation-specific) cell phone to call girlfriend!

Got a hat? — Better hang onto it!


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6 responses to “Bye, Bye Nasrallah

  1. imahd

    Documents tie Mugniyeh’s brother-in-law to Hariri assassination…,7340,L-4474558,00.html

  2. imahd

    Lebanon tribunal petitions to try Hezbollah suspects in absentia…

  3. imahd

    Jerusalem Post: Nasrallah calls for boycott of Hariri tribunal – Hizbullah leader says no Lebanese should participate in investigation into former PM’s assassination because information being gathered by UN is being sent to Israel; Ban condemns interference in court’s work.

  4. imahd

    Egypt seeks to prosecute Nasrallah

    Prosecution demands putting Hezbollah secretary-general at top of list of 26 men accused of setting up terror cell in Egypt. Harsh criticism voiced against Shiite organization in Lebanon as well

    An Egyptian prosecution team, appointed to handle a suspected terror cell set up in the country, demands putting Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah at the top of the list of defendants in the affair, which includes 26 people, Egyptian newspaper al-Gomhuria reported Friday…,7340,L-3797858,00.html


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