Katrina Foretold

Hurricane_Katrina_RadarThis warning of impending doom for New Orleans was posted on August 25, 2005 (9:50 p.m.), while Hurricane Katrina was still over Florida. The storm struck Louisiana on August 29th. The warning was subsequently copied to several other sites between August 26th and 29th.

Reproduced here courtesy of VizReport. 

Just got a note from a friend in New Orleans.

He’s a bit of a weather buff and a full-fledged Mardi Gras psychic. (He opens up a street table for readings during the festival.) Anyway, he just wrote to tell me that he had a very bad feeling about Katrina a few days ago and started packing up his personal possessions for a possible extended trip out of town. The most recent track maps now show the storm (strengthening steadily) to be heading closer and closer to his area. The original projections showed it never leaving Florida.

He’s pretty good at what he does, so I’m just laying this out there for anyone in that area. He “sees” a sustained 15′ storm surge above high tide on Monday, with Cat4+ wind strength and an eye position just west of New Orleans. He fears that the sea wall will not hold back the deluge and that a strong flood could provoke significant landmass subsidence due to the marshy/silty environment.

Here’s the NHC advisory from August 25th, which says nothing at all about a projected landfall position. 



The track map from that point in time (5 pm AUG 25th) would seem to indicate a probable landfall somewhere in the Florida panhandle. 


Though the warning indicated landfall just west of New Orleans, the hurricane actually came ashore just east of the city. This lateral ‘flopping’ is very common in dreams and other internal visionary phenomena.

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