China’s Strategic Modernisation

An interesting report on US-Sino relations and competition from the US State Department’s International Security Advisory Board (ISAB) – October 1, 2008.

China’s Strategic Modernization
Report from the ISAB Task Force

The Secretary’s International Security Advisory Board (ISAB) was asked to examine China’s strategic modernization, including the principal underlying motivations. Based on this review, the Board was asked to recommend approaches that~could “move the U.S. China security relationship toward greater transparency and mutual confidence, enhance cooperation, and reduce the likelihood of misunderstanding or miscalculation that can contribute to competition or conflict.”

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10 responses to “China’s Strategic Modernisation

  1. imahd

    ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS – US Department of Defense
    Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2011
    (PDF version – 3 MB)

  2. imahd

    Xinhua: Pentagon releases report on China’s military
    (August 25, 2011)
    note: includes link to China’s March 2011 whitepaper: China’s National Defense in 2010

  3. imahd

    Libya Rebel Oil Official Says China, Russia Will Have Trouble Getting New Deals
    (August 25, 2011)


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