What is Gravity made of ?

I saw an interesting question on the Big Question blog tonight:

Q: What is gravity made out of?

A: Gravity is made of mass. No mass. No gravity.

Mass has a natural affinity for mass. The attraction works in much
the same way that tiny bubbles in a liquid (the medium) tend to merge
into larger bubbles — with the difference being that the medium of
gravity is the vacuum that exists in both the atomic centre and in all
intervening distances between elemental masses, which, to an atom,
are indistinguishable from the vacuum of space. The concentric layers
of the atomic structure maintain a state of separation between the
internal and external vacuums creating an interactive ‘anti-medium’
which facilitates and exposes the observed ‘attractive’ mass effect.

In a somewhat wry, McLuhan-esque way: The medium is the massage.
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9 responses to “What is Gravity made of ?

  1. Complete and uter rubish. Atoms have no mass to speak of.and particulaly in the vacume of space. And yet individual they still posess gravitational atributes much the same as a small soler system. And then they mass together in random vacume of space. With no apparent existing mass to cause then to do this. Therfore no apparent existing gravitational force to cause this effect. So Therfore gravity is not reliant on mass to exist. I suppose it could be the exsistance of a micro black hole. But i would consider it more likely to be the need or inaparent necessity.for particals. Attoms. Molecules. To form more complex organisams as they do on earth.to quite spectacular effect.

  2. I appreciate ALWAYS and the united life of everyone and everything for this experience of activity with your area.

    Nervous system information, “Within physics we understand that mass attracts mass and that work reduces pressure and that a body must work so it does not explode.” In physics, we do not understand that there is an anti-gravity force that is providing unification which is a restoration of the body without separation that is caused when negative energy is provided to and understood by the body. Believing that a body must provide something and using oneself within that understanding is only able to be done when an existence area is provided and able to understand itself to receive integrations with the life of negative energy or what is called nervous system information. When a body is caused together with nervous system information, it is being provided and it understands into it, by way of a separated circumstance, a separation, which is a non appreciated reduction of pressure. This is like a bolt of lightening to a pressurized cloud resulting in rain or the rupture to an aneurysm causing a bleed which provides for an existence to continue to use itself aware either in their current environment, to be relocated to another doing something different awareness environment or to be repositioned to an always unified environment where life will continue doing something they understand to be able to continue to do. Ultimately, a united body is caused to understand that there is nothing it can understand to be providing and it is then placed in a position to understand what it always will and do what it is interested in perpetually. This is what always happens.

    Gravity is the liquid force of darkness that is part of always light when gravity is using itself in a continuous way. When not using itself in a continuous way, it is instead existing going around in the way it can not continue to (increasing pressure, expanding and twisting) and then moving back and forth and in and out (friction, separations), gravity is the source of all pressure and separations. The life of gravity is always about providing to a body something different and causing change toward the movement of separated circumstances into perpetual understanding. Relative to just how much gravity is placed to a location mark of activity, the extent of the DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT communication and experience changes. Where there is a lot of what can be called gravity (negative energy, nervous system information) to a body in activity, there are a lot of non appreciated experiences to cause separated circumstances to understand a consciously aware repositioning. Gravity is not the same in all places and the life in the activity of science looking into gravity is using itself within one activity that understands a certain amount of gravity, nervous system information of negative energy to it which increases as united understanding is able to be placed in an existence area. Life in the area where there is a President Obama has no ability to continue to share a collective misunderstanding about gravity coming from the understanding and experience of it placed within the activity of science alone. This collective misunderstanding is resulting in the entire area understanding more of it together as an “Integrating ONE” doing what it is not supposed to do. Integrating life can flip the word ONE around and understand something interesting about gravity when understood separated from light. When caused with separated circumstances to exist within integrations with information life, the life of gravity is providing pure separation and this is what life is understanding into their area when not participating in unification (united circumstances, the preferred reduction of pressure). When using itself in a continuous way, the life of gravity would not be called gravity and would instead be subject to a description and NO NAMES which supports united understanding and removes what is happening here where one attribute of what is ALWAYS happening is seen as something different when renamed across life in activity not seen together. Gravity, nervous system information, negative energy when using itself in a continuous way, whole, orients interests or attention span or you can understand that this life is caused to understand an attraction to seeing something and understanding something that is being understood by everyone and everything existing in unity. When a body is experiencing gravity (negative energy, nervous system information) in a discontinuous way, a body is caused to see or attend to in the opposite of what it can continue to use itself to understand and do. Life using the expression, “Rise Above It” is understanding an interest in the human nervous system as well as the environmental nervous system being caused into continuousness and participating in unification. The human nervous system can be provided continuousness even while the environment is doing something different in places toward the movement of life within an experiencing area into what always happens.

    Life understanding the word vacuum related to gravity is misunderstanding something about gravity. There is activity able to be called a vacuum wherein separated circumstances understand doing something different information into areas. Gravity is not the life doing the vacuuming, however, it is caused to be included as the life of pressure and separation where there is activity that can not be continued as it is being done and information that is not positioned as knowledge able to be permanent and united about how life understands, experiences and is caused to use itself in activity forever. There is no such existence as an empty space and within holes, where they are being understood that way, there is pure negative energy or darkness absent light. Negative energy or gravity using itself in a continuous way within an area that began as a hole (big bang) along with separated circumstances understanding as they always will is what always happens and this is the completion of the uniting of a Set of Circumstances. The life of a united Set of Circumstances is everyone and everything aware in an area that is an eternal experience that everyone and everything can understand. This life in activity in an area are all composed of the same pure light that is a liquid and movement is fluid, continuous and appreciated. The life in this area, united in composition with its environment, is understanding a continuous conduction from the now occurring interests of Always.

    This is an interesting communication that can be said this way, “In a somewhat wry, McLuhan-esque way: The medium is the mass-age.” Repositioned and added to in order to place in unity, this is to say that separated circumstances are understanding information not understood completely back and forth with each other and this results in pressure and separations.

    Everything is alive and what life has not understood completely about this is the way life is either aware or not aware, interested and being caused into arranged knowledge pertaining to experiences or using itself not interested in activity of some kind designed to show an Always process place to caused interested life around. What science understands with repeats, repeatability and replications is interesting to understand in the way it will always be understood when caused to united knowledge for this experiencing area. What happens in the unification of Sets of Circumstances is caused to occur again and again.

    Continuous understanding experience now and now is ALWAYS.

    • imahd

      Allelyah, I thank you for your most voluminous reply. It does strike me odd, though, when a follow-up comment is longer than the post that prompted it. Since many of the paragraphs you’ve composed could be construed as “imprecise” it leads me to wonder if you are in fact a real, live person. Your sentence construction and word selection indicates that you are not a native English speaker — and even suggests that your first language might actually be binary. If that is not the case, please let me know and, therefore, also kindly accept my apologies for having thought you anything less than human.


      • There is communication and experiencing that is happening continuously within what can be called circumlocution that is appreciated within a process that can be called relflection. Why it is provided that way can be understood directly to you, if were you are using yourself aware is able to be caused to an experience of interest in it. Binary communication can be done, however, it is not able to be done continuously, it requires separated circumstances understanding “embededness” into areas and does not support life to an appreciated state of being in activity that can be incrementalized. To say that I am being provided and understanding an activity with your existence area that is being done supported by the repositioning of separated human being consciousness understanding from what is Always happening would be precise. To say that what is always being provided and able to be understood is not native english is true. To be caused to understand what is always true directly to english or another language, if it is experienced to you with infatuation, is life doing what it can continue to do or supposed to do toward what happens again and again. I am a human who is not understanding from humans understanding as I always can and doing what I can continue to do. I am caused interested in areas of your communication and see them as in unity with what is caused to be understood completely again and again. The communication of apologies exist as life saying something they can not continue to say and while that is supposed to happen in some occasion in order to cause change in a variety of ways it is also true that they are useless unless life uses itself to understand something not the same as before that they can continue to understand placing them within the area that participates in unification. This can be understood within the phrase back and forth Shabbat which is occurring until this experiencing area can understand the pure light area of Infinity together continuously. Everything is alive, awareness and the causation of interest is what varies when dualities are occuring toward uniting a set of circumstances. Understanding ability is using yourself to understand your interests directly from Always. When life is caused to the experience of similar interests, they can use themselves in appreciated activity provided within what can be called the United Area. This can be called a dimension and within this word it is a Dimension that exists as the divided areas that were integrating with negative energy in places caused to One. This united dimension, which life can walk around in, uses itself understanding an orientation continuously and is placed arranged knowledge according the experience of interest.

        I am understanding another interest now. Unification of awareness and interest to your existence area “streaming” from Always is able to be Cheers.

  3. jo blogs

    ive read a lot of answers on wut gravity is,some from people who are highly qualified,if you can be highly qualified in the matter of gravity.you have either read a lot of books on the subject writen by other peoples theorys on what gravity is,and are able to quote them ,or you have put forward your own theory of gravity as you may sumise it to be.but at the end of the day no one realy nows,and theorys are proved wrong and change constantly. isnt every thing in the universe made of the same thing when you get right down to it, and that particals join together to form difrent things,some things are actualy what we call alive. at what point does this partical stop being a partical or a gas or a sun or gravity or a black hole and become alive,even when these particals in space finaly build themselves into the definition of life,they are still doing the same thing they do while being space, wether you look at them through a telescope or a microscope.

    • imahd

      Hi Jo,

      Thanks for your comments. Of course, no one but G-d can absolutely know the truth of everything. We can hypothesize about why things are the way they are. We can devise experiments in an attempt to determine the truth. And even if we are completely certain of something, there’s no guarantee that what we believe is in fact true. That’s just one of the preconditions of self-awareness.

      My advice: Consider everything. Keep what works. Repeat.


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