Gondar calls. And Rohar will answer.

Dec 8, 2009 3:42 | Updated Dec 8, 2009 6:36

‘Falash Mura must be brought to Israel’

By RUTH EGLASH (Jerusalem Post – Opinion)

Ethiopians demand that the Falash Mura be brought to Israel.

[…] “The Jewish Agency needs to go in and help these people tomorrow,” said Molla, adding that there are some 8,700 Falash Mura – Ethiopians whose Jewish ancestors were forcibly converted to Christianity – still waiting to emigrate.

Most of those are believed to fit the criteria for aliya laid out by previous Israeli governments and many have family members already living here.

Abra Mulla, an Ethiopian immigrant now based in Lod, said his sister and her family are still stuck in Gondar with little, if any, humanitarian aid or medical assistance.

“I have to send her money each month in order for her to survive,” Mulla told thePost. “I have been trying to help her make aliya for more than five years but every time I go to the Interior Ministry, they tell me they cannot help me.”

Mulla’s story is shared by many in the 110,000-strong Ethiopian community in Israel, who have been separated from relatives due to the ongoing debate over this aliya, which some believe has become too costly. […]

Full article @ JPost.com


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3 responses to “Gondar calls. And Rohar will answer.

  1. imahd

    PM agrees to increase flow of Ethiopian immigrants

  2. imahd

    8,000 Falash Mura likely to be brought to Israel over next three years


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