How Many Wives?

Dialogue excerpt between US tank corpsman ‘Waco’ Hoyt (Bruce Bennett) and Sudanese Sgt. Maj. Tambul (Rex Ingram) in Columbia Pictures’ classic 1943 war flick, Sahara, featuring Humphrey Bogart as American tank commander Sgt. Joe Gunn. Directed by Zoltan Korda…

Waco: The boys up top tell me you Mohammedans have as many as 300 wives.

Tambul: No. The Prophet tells us that four wives is sufficient for a true believer.

Waco: Why four?

Tambul: The Prophet says that one wife makes a miserable life because she always gets bored. And two wives make a mess of your life also. They always quarrel and you never know which one is right. And three wives are bad, too. The two always take sides against the third. But four wives makes real happiness.

Waco: How?

Tambul: Two and two are company for each other. And the man, he has his rest.

Waco: That sounds all right. You’ve got four?

Tambul: No, I have only one.

Waco: What’s holding you back?

Tambul: If you had this law in your Texas, would you have four wives?

Waco: No. My wife wouldn’t like that.

Tambul: It is the same with me. My wife, she would not like it.

Waco: You sure learn things in the army.

Tambul: Yes, we both have much to learn from each other.


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3 responses to “How Many Wives?

  1. i love this dialogue, not so much because it rings true to me as a woman, but more because it deals with the issue of assumptions.

  2. interesting.. i dont know why men get the need to have more than 1 wife anyway.. one woman is more than enough.. 🙂


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