The Russian Veto

Syria to Russia: If Assad goes down, his state secrets (along with those of his father) will almost certainly become exposed; the degree to which this will compromise the variously held secrecies of Russia and other former Soviet states is unknown and probably unknowable.

Russia to China: Let’s work together to stop western adventurism in Eurasia.


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2 responses to “The Russian Veto

  1. Eugene Wijnhoven

    Isn’t this a situation that we’ve seen before? USA supporting Saddam Hussein (USA was the weapon supplier of Saddam and helped him for decades in order to oppose to Iran?). USA together with the shah of Persia? Isn’t this the true example of opportunism – and fashion – of all times? Does ‘democracy’ still means something as we only accept the vote of the people as long as we like their preference (Hamas, Arabic revolutions which we support now, but which will turn into conservative islamic entities shortly)? Look who’s talking…

    • imahd

      Yes, this is a common phenomenon in relations between superpowers and their client states the world over, particularly in volatile regions, and most especially in countries whose regimes have been entrenched since the Cold War. The main problem this time is that thirteen of fifteen UNSC members voted in favour of sanctions against Syria, and they were unanimously backed by the Arab League (sans Syria, of course). Examining the voting records of China and Russia, whenever human rights are cited as the main reason for any resolution or sanction, they will very often abstain or oppose any Security Council action.


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