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Iran Takes on New Threat: Vampires

Party was for sucking-blood, drinking alcohol: Authorities

Iranian police arrest 104 in “Satanist” party bust

TEHRAN (AlArabiya.net, AFP)

200px-NosferatuShadowIran has arrested more than 100 “Satan-worshippers” in a raid on a concert in the southern city of Shiraz where people were drinking alcohol and “sucking blood,” a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

“One hundred and four members of a Satan-worshipping group were arrested at a party and immoral concert in Shiraz (on Sunday),” local Revolutionary Guards chief Abbas Hamidi was quoted as saying by Jam-e Jam newspaper.

“The session was held in a garden outside Shiraz and the Satanist ceremony was broadcast live to the world via the Internet,” he said, adding the arrest was made by members of the Islamist Basij militia linked to the Guards…

(Continued at Al-Arabiya news site)


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