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Chavez: Prepare for War Against U.S?

Hugo Chavez in painting

(Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has told his military to prepare for war against the United States.

Citing American use of Colombian military bases for anti-drug interdictions, Chavez asserts that Colombia has now become part of the United States and that American troops may attempt to invade Venezuela.

(Bloomberg) […] “The empire hopes to send them to fight against their Venezuelan and Ecuadorean brothers and other Bolivarian and Alba peoples to crush the Venezuelan revolution, just as they tried to do with the Cuban revolution in April 1961,” Castro wrote in a “reflection” published on the Cubadebate.cu Web site. The Alba bloc is a nine-member group of Latin American countries led by Chavez.

The presence of U.S. troops in Colombia is a “shameless foreign intervention in their internal affairs,” Castro said. The agreement amounts to the U.S.’s “annexation” of the South American country, he said.

A military attack on Venezuela would spread to other countries in the region because Venezuela has “friends” from Mexico to Argentina, Chavez said during the program.

“If the Yankee empire tries to use Colombia to attack Venezuela, the war of 100 years would begin,” he said. “The war would extend to other countries in the continent, from Mexico to Argentina. No one believes that a war against Venezuela would only be in Venezuela.” […]

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Venezuelan strongman “Hurricane” Hugo Chávez presents Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi with a replica of a famous revolutionary sword, calling him the Libyan equivalent of Simón Bolívar. (image: Reuters)

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