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Attempt on Life of Former Iran Prez?

Violence mars Iranian election campaign

By THE MEDIA LINE NEWS AGENCY via the Jerusalem Post
Jun 2, 2009 18:20 | Updated Jun 2, 2009 19:46 

Campaign offices of an Iranian presidential candidate were burned down on Monday night, as it was revealed that a former Iranian president narrowly escaped an assassination attempt last week in the run-up to the elections.

One of the intended passengers for a domestic Iranian flight on which a bomb was found on Saturday was former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami, the Iranian daily Sarmayeh reported on Monday.

A bomb was discovered on the plane 15 minutes into the flight from the southern Iranian city Ahvaz bound for the capital Teheran. The plane turned back to the airport in Ahwaz, where authorities disarmed the bomb.

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      It’s probably a safe bet that it will be blamed on
Ahwazis of Khuzestan. No one has yet claimed
      responsibility for the plot — and no one likely will. 


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