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G.W.Bush: Great King of Terror

Nostradamus: Century X, Quatrain 72
First published: VizReport, November 2005


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Where Two Rivers Water

In view of the Pope’s upcoming trip to Israel (May 11-15) and Ariel Sharon continuing to teeter at the brink of death, it seemed apropos to “resurrect” this montage of Biblical, Christian, Quranic, political and Nostradamian notions.

When this piece was first published, in November 2005, Ariel Sharon was Israel’s Prime Minister. In January 2006, Sharon suffered a massive stroke and slipped into a deep coma. His fate looked grimly sealed. The plausibility and certitude of the vision behind the art began to erode rapidly.

Yet, here we are, more than three years later: Sharon remains in a persistent vegetative state and Pope Benedict XVI is coming for a visit.

The interpretation embedded in this strange work differs from virtually all other commentators on the quatrains of Nostradamus; it identifies the city of “two rivers” as Jerusalem, despite the fact that it’s located in near-desert conditions. It defines the children of Abraham (Ishmael and Isaac, plus their respective descendants), as the two rivers of Abraham’s blood.

The sanguinary parallels continue: This is also the place where ritual human sacrifice was emphatically repudiated by G-d through angelic intervention; and the location at which Abraham circumcised himself, his two sons and all the men of his house. And since those days (more than 3,700 years ago), how much blood has watered this most sacred ground?


Reproduced courtesy of VizReport


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