A Benediction Before Battle

May the Good Lord shield you

From the sight of your enemies.

But if they should find you,

May they find you terrifying.


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3 responses to “A Benediction Before Battle

  1. mcyoung

    Reminds me of a verse from an old song taken from Psalm 91 I believe…no longer recall the group that sang it.

    Blessed be the Lord!
    Blessed be the Lord!
    The G_d of mercy,
    the G_d who saves.
    I will not fear
    the dark of night
    nor the arrow
    that flies by day…

    • imahd

      Ah, Psalm 91 – One of the passages most commonly used in administering last rites among Jews. Many of the Psalms have the same sort of protective benedictions. E.g. Psalm 18. One of my favourites…


      • mcyoung

        Well Thank you much! I did not know this about Psalm 91. I love them all and read them often. The link you provided to Ps.18 is excellent, especially the commentary, always like to have a true perspective. I bookmarked it for getting a further look. Much appreciated! I still have so much to learn!


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