PMOI: Iran Manufacturing Nuclear Warhead Components

Disturbing new report from exiled People’s Mujahedeen of Iran, the same group that exposed Iran’s secret nuclear programs in 2002:

Iran has nuclear warhead plants in Tehran: exiled opposition

PARIS (AFP) — Iran’s exiled opposition movement said Thursday it had learned of two previously unknown sites in and near Tehran that are being used to build nuclear warheads.

“Resistance sources have managed to uncover two centres that work directly on nuclear armaments and which were until now kept secret,” Mehdi Abrihamtchi of the People’s Mujahedeen told reporters in Paris, where his group is based.

“They are places for research and production of detonation systems which is a major part of the mullahs’ atomic bomb project,” he said, adding that his organisation had passed on the information to the UN atomic watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency…

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