APoJi 2011

Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest in this most unconventional initiative to promote grassroots, collaborative, peace-thinking about the Middle East.

The story of APoJi (A Peace of Jerusalem initiative) began on October 27, 2009, when the idea was proposed during a friendly discussion about “intractable problems” and “impossible dreams.”

On November 5, 2009, the first official iteration of the proposal “A Peace of Jerusalem” was posted on this site.

On August 7, 2010, after collecting and collating the input of about 300 interested observers from around the world, and after dozens of interim versions were posted, the ‘final’ version of the main text was frozen and placed into the public domain.

Future versions of the document will be denoted by the year in which they are published; e.g. A Peace of Jerusalem 2011.

The first print edition of the document was published on December 13, 2010, and distributed to all contributors who provided a physical mailing address, but who will otherwise remain anonymous.

A few small changes to the preamble were made since that time and have been incorporated into the digital master which can be found here: http://apoji.org.

[Note: URL now links to the final version — Ed., September 24, 2014]

Working within a self-imposed 2,000 word limit for the main body of the text (and a nine-month timeframe), the result is something that the average person can read—and mostly understand—in about ten to twenty minutes (30 is more realistic — Ed.) The myriad details required to properly implement such a plan will be left to the engineers, lawyers, diplomats and bureaucrats to discuss.

Theoretically, the success of any such proposal would rely upon the earnest parallel pursuit of a wider, regional treaty on refugees and human rights.

We invite your constructive participation in this project through the link provided above.

On behalf of the composing group and with sincere regards,


Editor, APoJi

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  1. This should be interesting if you put it on video with more details


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