Random Musings for Enterprise Managers

On strategy:

  • Strategy is inherently a predictive process, which takes into account past events; former and current trends; present circumstances; and construes from these, the best possible actions to take in the future, vis-à-vis one’s declared objectives.
  • Effective strategy is a natural by-product of the well-informed and optimistic imagination.
  • Strategy sounds like a noun, but thinks like a verb.
  • If growth is your strategy, then optimisation must be your goal.
  • Strategy is like a tree. As with trees, some are more fruitful than others.

On a definition for crowd-funding:

The capitalisation of a common interest by its enamoured masses

On bloggers, by way of A. A. Milne:
The wonderful thing about bloggers
is bloggers are wonderful things
Their words are made out of faces;
their pictures are made out of strings


– courtesy Enterprise Management Association (EMA-I.org)

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