Social Media Thoughts for Enterprise Managers #3

Ten basic things to remember about social media for business:

  1. Keep it short.
  2. Be responsive, accurate, creative, honest, helpful and polite.
  3. Don’t expect everyone to agree with you.
  4. In the blogosphere, as in life, effective moderation is key.
  5. Social media is all about the “persona” of your organisation.
  6. Openly support causes that contribute to the greater good.
  7. Avoid crass commercialism in order to avoid social media “blowback”.
  8. Don’t post the same message twice – paraphrase creatively.
  9. Space permitting, always use proper grammar and spelling.
  10. Thanks to technology, it’s possible to offend and alienate more people than ever before – and now it can be done in a mere micro-fraction of the time!

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