Social Media Thoughts for Enterprise Managers #1

Many business managers that I meet would seem to agree that:

Social media is a very promising but potentially risky marketing tool

It sounds so reasonable.

And it’s certainly an easy position to defend:

  • it’s conservative, so it plays well in the boardroom;
  • it pays lip service to the vaunted power of blogs and twitter;
  • it lends one an air of forethought and serious consideration;
  • it subtly showcases one’s attention to the bottom line;
  • it says, “I’m open to change as long as it’s good change”; and
  • it does all the above while niftily evading any form of commitment.

Politically, it’s a very safe bet.

It gives you the opportunity, after the unfolding of any significant social media event (good or bad), to point out that you were right all along… “See, I told you it was risky,” or conversely, “I’ve always said it had great potential.”

My problem with the proposed statement is not its wishy-washiness, but that it presupposes  Sales & Marketing as the “owner” of a company’s social media strategy, when it could just as easily–and perhaps more fittingly–belong to Public Relations & Customer Service.

Agree or disagree?

– courtesy Enterprise Management Association (

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