Social Media Thoughts for Enterprise Managers #2

Here’s one to keep you up at night:

What percentage of your fans, friends and followers are real people?

Increasingly, corporations are turning to technology for automated social media solutions, some of which offer the ability to:

  • create and manage robots for exploring competitive businesses;
  • search out and react to discussions and tweets on specific topics;
  • respond with natural, human-like commentary or re-tweets; and
  • make helpful suggestions to direct traffic from your site to another.

As an apparent corollary to Arthur C. Clarke’s Fourth Law, the tweet below prompts us to reconsider what assumptions we have made about our on-line connections:

“In a turbulent 140-character universe, any sufficiently advanced semantic algorithm is indistinguishable from the average human.” — @humblerock, 2010

– courtesy Enterprise Management Association (

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