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Predictions: Week of June 29, 2009

Top Ten event predictions for this week:

  1. Hugo goes bananas! Nope. Went behind the scenes this time.
  2. Spike in Mexico violence. Nope. Pretty quiet right now.
  3. Iran blames CIA for unrest. A hit, but easily predictable.
  4. NK missile launch & threats. A hit, but widely expected.
  5. Toughest Obama talk yet. Debatable. Left mostly to Biden and others.
  6. Russia goes into lockdown. Not yet, but tightened up on booze and gambling.
  7. Japan issues stern warning to NK. Not really. Left to G7/8.
  8. Gold prices rise by the weekend. Nope. Went the other way.
  9. Oil/USD drop, then rise quickly. Again, an opposite result.
  10. Israel agrees to temp construction hold. Yes, but no hold on natural growth.

Preview of Next Week

  • Hottest Day of the Century: July 7, 2009 July 10/11 more likely.

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