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The Geometry of Unity (one-liner)

7 is to 2d as 13 is to 3d

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In 10 Words, or Less… the most logical structure for (single-body) space-time

spatially-hexaxial, with time as the seventh dimension


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quantum haiku

a thought of being
cannot be what being is
within or without


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Proving Uncertainty

Dimensional solution for Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle:

The absolute position of a particle can be determined solely using 3d (xyz) space, but the motion of a particle must be evaluated in 4d (xyz+t) space. Both attributes cannot be known at the “same time” because that dimension (time) doesn’t exist in 3d space. The only exception would be a particle at perfect rest in its 4d environment, in which case, motion is nil and time is obviated as a meaningful factor. Meanwhile, the momentum of a particle may only be known in a type of “5d” (xyz+t+m) space.

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