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In 10 Words, or Less… the most logical structure for (single-body) space-time

spatially-hexaxial, with time as the seventh dimension


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Physics. Alternative definitions…


Physics is the study of matter, motion and energy.


Physics is the study of natural abiotic dynamics.

Physics is a plot to expose every universal law, true constant, and eternal ratio.

Physics is an ongoing effort to write a technical user’s manual for the universe.

Physics is the contextual study of matter and energy moving in time and space.

Physics is the rationality of actuality.

Physics is the study of inanimate behaviours.

Physics is a science in search of its own meaning.

unrelated rant:

I think it’s unfair that Space gets three dimensions, while Time gets but one.

What is Space, anyway? A whole lot of nothing! And it’s like that in every direction, as far as the eye can see — or the mind imagine. Even if you fill it up with stuff, without time, nothing will ever happen there. And yet, man, in his ‘wisdom’, has seen fit to confer upon this vast and virtual wasteland the lavish gift of three full axes!

To its credit, though, Time takes no offense, seemingly secure in the knowledge that its unitary comportment is perfectly the match of its partner’s triplicity.

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So Long, Kodachrome

afghan girl by Steve McCurry for National Geographic magazine

Afghan Girl, 1984; Steve McCurry, National Geographic

After a run of 75 years, the last roll of Kodachrome film will be developed today at Dwayne’s Photo in Kansas — until now, the last remaining Kodachrome developer in the world.

Kodachrome brought us some of the most vibrant and stunning photography of the past three-quarters of a century, such as this award-winning photograph of a young Afghan girl snapped by National Geographic’s Steve McCurry in 1984.

The story of this haunting image can be found at National Geographic’s site.

Kodak discontinued production of the film last summer. Farewell, old friend.

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The Advent of Monolithic Man: Addendum Notice

An addendum to The Advent of Monolithic Man was added on this date.

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On Gravity


Gravity is a non-waveform phenomenon.

Light responds to gravity at the speed of light.

Gravity is atemporal but its effects cascade through time.


— from Steinman’s “Attributes of G”

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